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Red light cams on the way

January 31, 2006

Thomasville, Georgia-- Red light runners beware, the City of Thomasville wants to stop you in your tracks.

Papa John’s delivery driver, Michelle Weckwert, knows the rules of the road well. She says when it comes to other drivers, there’s an unwritten rule. "On the lookout for you, and you have to be on the lookout for them. It’s just common courtesy," says Weckwert.

But not all drivers are defensive. That’s why this summer Thomasville will install traffic cameras to catch people who run red lights when police aren't around. "Our police chief has been very concerned about two of three particular intersections in our community that have a high accident rate," says City Manager, Steve Sykes.

The priorities being the intersections of highways 319 and 19, and 122 and 19. Putting cameras there won't cost you a penny. The city partnered with the manufacturer. "Each ticket that is written, they'll get a percentage of that ticket," says Sykes.

If a camera catches you running a red light, you'll face a 70 dollar civil fine. The charges aren't criminal, and no points go on your driver’s license. "Digital images are taken showing the red light, showing the position of the vehicle during the red light, and actual video is taken," says Sykes.

Both useful in accident reconstruction. Unfortunately, there were no cameras around when Weckwert’s brother needed them at the intersection of 122 and 19. "He had the green light and the truck ran the red light," says Weckwert. Fortunately, both left with their lives.


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