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New terminal fosters big business

January 26, 2006

Thomasville, Georgia-- A new terminal at the Thomasville Regional Airport may help bring more big business to the area. Several big companies have corporate jets that already fly into and out of the Thomasville airport regularly.

As aircraft take off outside, inside, the finishing touches are being put on the new terminal. "The most important thing about this new terminal building is we have one chance at a good impression," says Airport Manager, Mike Woodham.

Which is why it's decor reflects local culture, a potential magnet for economic development. Councilman Roy Campbell spearheaded the project. "We have a company we're dealing with right now that's all excited about being here because the owner's a pilot," says Campbell.

The airport had been used to train World War Two pilots, the same people the terminal's dedicated to. It soon may be neighbored by an industrial park. "Our industrial park we have is filling up. We have less than five acres left in it and it was originally 500 acres," says Campbell.

But there are hundreds of acres around the airport, which was built on three farms. On Friday, Governor Sonny Perdue will dedicate the new terminal. "It's a dream that has been in existence for many years," says Woodham. About ten, almost one of which was construction.

One of the key aspects of the new terminal is its state-of-the-art conference room. Campbell says it will often be used for meetings between businesses and the chamber of commerce.


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