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Commish wants cleaner county

January 25, 2006

Cairo -- A Grady County Commissioner is looking for a solution to supplement lost inmate labor. Charles Norton says something needs to be done about the trash piling up along Grady roadways. He's working on several options.

Machine shop work isn't the only thing on Charles Norton's mind. "On our state roads, on our county roads, it's just getting to be a problem."

Trash has been building up since the Thomas County Correctional Institute stopped providing inmate labor to outside counties three months ago. "A lot of it is blowing out of the back of pickup trucks. Some people just don't care. They're throwing it out."

The trash is becoming a problem countywide. Norton is working on a pilot program with a private probation company, but that may not be enough.

"I have been to Atlanta and talked with the Georgia Prison Commission about housing state inmates, cause we got a 120 bed jail."

Which houses only about 70 county inmates daily- among them suspects held without bond, but they can't be used for labor unless state laws change.

"We got people coming through our county. We got people moving into our county. Nobody wants to move into a garbage dump."

The worst area being along Airport Road.

Grady County has an Environmental Control Officer, but he stays busy enforcing illegal dumping rules, and can't be everywhere in the county all the time.


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