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Phoebe donates money to preventive and primary care programs

January 25, 2006

Albany - Nearly 4,000 people in and around Albany rely on the health departments for life saving medical care, from getting their diabetes medicines to seeing free doctors. Tuesday, Phoebe Putney donated $186,000 to the Southwest Health District to pay for some of this indigent health care.

The government used to mandate public hospitals spend 15% of the indigent care money on primary and preventive care programs, but that mandate was lifted this year. Phoebe decided to give the health district the money anyway.

"If they did go to hospital, it would cost almost $14-million to take care of those patients at that end of the spectrum. Compare that to the amount of money we're spending at this end of the spectrum. And once they get to that end or the hospital, they've lost their health," said Dougherty County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard.

The money will pay for medical care, medications and laboratory services to patients in Dougherty, Lee, Terrell and Baker counties.



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