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Judge assigned to Phoebe Factoid cases

January 25, 2006

Albany -- A Thomasville judge has been assigned to handle the "Phoebe Factoids" indictments and arrests.

Superior Court Judge Harry Aultman the Second from the Southern Judicial Circuit has been assigned the Phoebe Putney Hospital whistle blowers case. A Judge from outside Albany had to be brought in.

 Dr. John Bagnato, C.P.A. Charles Rehberg and Mississippi private detective Jim Bowman were indicted by a grand jury in December for assault, burglary, and making harassing phone calls.

Bagnato and Rehberg wrote the Phoebe Factoids, exposing hospital management practices, including jet set travel expenses. Bowman is charged with going into Dr. Jim Hotz's home and threatening him.

Lawyers for the whistle blowers say that they believe the hospital is behind the charges.

In January, the three filed a motion asking the charges be dropped, because the indictment is so vague.

 Judge Aultman will hear that motion February 16.

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