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Albany Civic Center attracting new entertainment

January 22, 2006

Albany- The Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus and WWE Raw Live are just some of the bigger events coming to the Albany Civic Center in the next three months. Recent criticism has spawned some bigger acts and with two more announcements to come this week, marketing managers say it's up to south Georgia to support the event if they want to see more like it.

It was a promising weekend for promoters who brought the Monster Motocross to Albany. So promising, the same promoter is talking about coming back, possibly with bull riding.

"We're starting to get some folks attention and this has definitely been predicated on the city manager allowing us to negotiate for folks to come our direction," said Tony Ford, Civic Center Promotions and Marketing Manager.

Last month, the city offered deals for promoters willing to take a risk on people looking for a little fun in the "Good Life City." The initial response is encouraging.

"Come Monday we're going to be signing a concert that's going to be country, and then Tuesday I believe it is we'll have a pretty large hip hop concert contracted," said Ford.

The Civic Center Marketing team says it's just the tip of the iceberg and more needs to be done, including putting butts in the seats.

"We've got a thing called grown folks night out, and that's a R&B package, and this gentleman, he's a promoter out of Miami, he says that if we do well with the first one which is coming up in March then he's going to be here at least three or four times in addition," Ford.

With more than a half dozen larger events scheduled over the next several month, the success all comes down to south Georgians buying tickets.

"We want folks to go ahead and buy tickets early, because if you are buying those advance tickets, then that makes the promoter smile that much quicker," said Ford.

If people come out and support the events scheduled for this spring, then managers say they can entice better and bigger events to Albany later this year. The country and hip hop acts to sign this week won't be released until their sign, but they are expected to be recognizable names.



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