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New Student Success Center a success

January 21, 2006

Americus- It's been ten years in the making and now Georgia SouthWestern University and Americus have a new facility for both recreation and conferences.

It was screams of joy and delight proving Georgia SouthWestern University's new Student Success Center is a success. The 22 million dollar building holds fast to the university's traditions but it uniquely its own.

"It's truly unique because it's the only Geodesic dome building in the entire University System of Georgia," said Dr. Michael Hanes, University President.

Plans for the center began ten years ago. Now, ready for use it offers 130,000 square feet of activities.

"It's an interesting facility because it combines academics, athletics, intramural and intercollegiate athletics along with student affairs programs, those were three major needs we had on this campus," said Hanes.

The center can seat 3,000 people and has state of the art audio and visual capabilities. Both the university and community can now play host to conference or other tourism opportunities.

"It's really a great opportunity for the Community and the University to come together to share in a wonderful facility," said Hanes.

"It's fabulous, I don't think we've had anything like this in Americus and it's so nice to have the kids come out and see all the things that are available," said Gaye Hayes, Dean of Students.

"The weight room's a lot better than it use to be. It use to be real small, no windows or anything and real hot in there. Now it's real nice in there and they've got more machines than they use to." Tyree Jennings, a Junior.

The community plans to take advantage of the new facility. They can join the hurricane boosters and take advantage of all the facility has to offer.

"I went and saw the workout area and I thought that it was great. I thought the aerobics classes might be something I was interested in also," said Christus Walker, Americus.

"We've already discuss the racquetball courts, we're really excited about trying those out together," Mark Hayes, Americus.

The University is also 98 percent of the way to their Capital Campaign goal. In 2002, Georgia SouthWestern began their quest to raise 12 million dollars by their centennial, which is this year. They expect to reach the goal later this year.


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