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Warning about eczema cream

January 20, 2006

WASHINGTON - Two prescription creams for eczema will soon carry cancer warnings.

The Food and Drug Administration is ordering the makers of the ointments Elidel and Protopic to add warning labels.

The new labels will also say the two drugs are recommended only after patients have tried other prescription skin treatments.

An F-D-A spokeswoman says the cancer threat is "a long-term possibility and is something that still needs to be researched."

Novartis Pharmaceuticals makes Elidel.  A company statement says the risk isn't "substantiated by scientific or clinical evidence." But the company says it has agreed to the change.

The F-D-A says animal tests have shown an increase in cancer associated with the drugs. The agency also says a small number of cancers have been reported in children and adults using the drugs.

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