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Break-up ends with arson

January 18, 2000

Thomasville -- Someone kicked in the front door of Marticia McCray's home in Tuesday and set fire to a bedroom. McCray was not there, but the bedroom was heavily damaged in the fire. Now her ex-boyfriend is charged with arson.

Marticia McCray is sifting through what's left of her Shoreline Drive home, which was damaged in an arson around 11:00 yesterday morning. "I actually wasn't here when it happened. Thank God for that," she said.

Wednesday morning police arrested Torreo Johnson, McCray's ex-boyfriend. He's charged with arson, but investigators say he denies setting the fire.

McCray says he did it in retaliation for their breakup. "He went berserk after that. He would always tell me he couldn't handle it if I were to break up with him."

The fire started on McCray's bed. Police were able to confirm it was arson because the fire was started with either clothing or bed sheets. "There was no indication of any ignitable liquids or accelerants." Demonstrated by the flame patterns left from the fire's point of origin.

And all it left for McCray are memories- good mixed with bad. "He didn't have anywhere to stay, so I allowed him into my home, and this is how he repays me?" she asks.

If convicted of this arson, Johnson might have to pay by spending 20 years behind bars. They may also charge Johnson with aggravated stalking. Police say he was involved in a previous incident of family violence with McCray.


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