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Storm throws tree limb through Colquitt County home

January 14, 2006

Colquitt County- A powerful storm tore through Colquitt County Friday night leaving a path of destruction miles long. Trees were uprooted, homes destroyed and power knocked out to many residents for more than seven hours.

Saturday, many began sifting through the debris and examining the damage. Mary Ann Shiver was just leaving her office Friday afternoon when the tornado hit. She entered her driveway, amazed that the storm had come so close.

"He said it came right through here and hit these trees here and went through the woods there and took out some pines in our backyard," said Mary Ann Shiver, Homeowner.

What frightened Mary Ann the most was this storm's strength. It mangled trees, uprooting them, tossing limbs about like spears. One of those pierced Shiver's mobile home.

"Right over here as you walk this away you will see where it slung a limb into our bathroom."

Ripped from a nearby tree, the sharpened end tore right through the mobile home's siding and pierced a dresser along the wall, throwing it onto the floor. The damage was enough to scary, Ticky the only one home.

"Ticky was pretty upset. Normally she's waiting for me at the door, but I kind of had to chase her down, she was pretty upset," said Shiver.

Upset that the home beneath him was slowly being ripped away.

"It ripped all the under skirting out from under it and it tore our chimney off," said Shiver.

The missing under skirting is the least of Mary Ann's problems. Shiver says the force of the storm may have moved her home.

"The mobile home could be shifted a little bit, we may have to have it leveled," said Shiver.

With twisted metal from the chicken house across the street in her yard, the clean up will be no easy task. Friends and family have already said they plan to lend a helping hand.



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