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Molesting preacher convicted

January 13, 2006

Albany -- The head minister of the Albany Worship Center was convicted today on nearly all counts for the molestations of parishioners' children over the course of several years.

Forty-two-year-old Stanley Jones was sentenced to 30 years in prison without the possibility of parole. He was accused of using his power as a minister and a father-figure to groom his victims into being his sexual partners. Victims said he would give them gifts in exchange for sex acts.

Jones, who was married at the time of the molestations, admitted to having sex with some of his parishioners, but said it only happened after they were of age.

Before issuing a sentence Dougherty County Superior Court Judge Loring Gray addressed the self-proclaimed 'man of God.'

"Quite frankly, in 20 years on the bench, I have infrequently heard a case that made me want to take a shower every time I left the courtroom, because of the filth. It's been like crawling out of a cesspool-- a cesspool filled with uncontrollable lust, by a self-proclaimed 'man of God.'"

Prosecutors say they expect an appeal to be filed by Jones.


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