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Beaver's parents talk about his death, and their lives since

Wesley Beaver Wesley Beaver

January 13, 2006

Lee County -- Tuesday would have been Wesley Beaver's 18th birthday. The Terrell County teenager was shot and killed by a former Lee County Sheriff's Captain February 14th.

That deputy, Donnie Spillers, was later fired by Sheriff Harold Breeden, and is now charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Beaver's parents say friends of Wesley have helped them since the shock of his death. Laurie and Rodger Beaver and their family gather in their home. Their son Wesley Beaver would have turned 18 years old Tuesday.

Laurie Beaver said, "Our entire life as we knew it has been ripped away from us, and we're just trying to figure out a way to live with our new life."

The Beavers admit they had to get doctors help after Wesley was shot by a Lee County Sheriff's Captain in February. The Beavers say they still struggle with why Donnie Spillers shot their son, and why Spillers was charged only with involuntary manslaughter.

"We've been handed a life sentence. So many people affected by this. We don't understand how someone could murder a child and be charged with a misdemeanor. It just makes no sense to any of us," Laurie Beaver said.

Following Wesley's death, the Beaver's say it was the community, especially Wesley's friends that helped them. Rodger beaver said "I was surprised and thankful all at the same time to see how much these people really cared about us. And it did make a big difference."

"I don't think we could have gotten through it if we hadn't had it," said his mother.

Now the Beavers wait for Donnie Spiller's trial, which is to be held in March. "Wesley had been complaining for many months about being harassed," Laurie Beaver said. "He went directly to Harold Breeden, which happens to be his uncle, telling Harold that he had been being harassed. And Harold would do nothing about it."

Mrs. Beaver said much about the shooting has been covered up, but she is confident that will come out soon. "A lot will come forward that is very shocking to most people."

The Beavers have filed a ten million dollar wrongful death lawsuit against Lee County, Breeden, Spillers, and the state, but they say that money means nothing.

They want to remember Wesley Beaver's life, not the way he died. His father said "He was a super guy, just a tribute to Wesley."

But their questions about his death leave them grieving, almost a year later. The Beavers say many people in the community still come to them with information about the Lee County Sheriff's Department and Donnie Spillers.


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