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VSU Blazers build new homes

January 13, 2005

Valdosta - It's not the element we typically find VSU President Ronald Zaccari in.  "It's kind of nice to be out of the office and put on jeans and boots," said Zaccari.

He's traded his usual three piece suit for a tool belt, and is learning a lesson in construction. "I'm sure I'm asking too many questions and not doing enough work," said Zaccari.

Zaccari and dozens of other members of the VSU community have teamed up for Habitat for Humanity's Blazer Build. "In a matter of two hours, we had all the exterior walls up and we've had about half the interior walls up by 10:00," said Amy Housemeyer, VSU Student.

Volunteers say its their way of giving back to the community, and knowing that they're helping one of their own makes it even more rewarding. "It's one of our employees who will be living in the house," said Zaccari.

Willie Mae Williams works as a custodian at VSU. She'll soon be the proud new owner of a three bedroom, two bath home. "It makes me feel wonderful, that's why I wanted to be out here to participate, because I appreciate what they're doing," said Williams.

But Williams won't be the only new homeowner. When this one is finished, the group will build another house next door, and with teamwork, they'll do it all in less than two weeks.

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