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Baseball Back in Albany?

January 13, 2006

Albany -- The Good Life City hasn't had professional baseball since the South Georgia Waves rolled out to sea after just one season four years ago.

Paul Eames Stadium has remained relatively quiet since then, but there's a newly formed league looking to make Albany a much more permanent home.

Members of the South Coast League were in town today to check out the city, and Director of Public and Media relations Omar Roque says he likes what he's seen.

"We have a top 12 that we're looking at right now, then we're going to settle on out top six to eight. Albany is definitely a great market that we definitely want to get our hands on."

The South Coast league is a centrally owned Independent League looking to begin play in 2007, with an Albany team playing in Paul Eames Stadium.

Roque says, "This is a great facility. This really is a great facility, and I think it's a shame that it's empty at this point, and we hope to bring the league here and offer affordable family entertainment for the community. There's nothing like bringing the family out and watching a good ballgame."

While an independent league has no affiliation with the Major Leagues, there are some well-known names.

"Ricky Henderson and Jose Canseco have played independent baseball in the past," says Roque.

The Double-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs and representatives from another new league (the Peach State League) have also been in contact with the city.

Baseball teams have had trouble surviving in Albany, but Roque says the South Coast League is looking to sign a three-year lease.

"We want to be here at least a full year before we ever play a game, just to prove to the community that we're here for the long haul and we're here to stay."

The South Coast League would begin play in May of 2007.

The Albany City Managers office had no comment at this time about the possibility of a team coming to the Good Life City.


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