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Verdict is reached in vehicular homicide case

January 12, 2006

Albany - On Thursday, a jury convicted that drunk driver of vehicular homicide. Though a guilty verdict won't bring Kristy back, it did give her mother, and her three year old son Julian, some closure.

Ruby Tullis says, "She was my baby girl." So, how does this verdict make you feel? "Wonderful. I was full and now it's a relief. We feel very, very vindicated."

Prosecutors say 67-year old Arnold Gray was drinking September 15th, 2004 before he crashed his truck into Kristy Tullis' car at the intersection of Palmyra and Schley roads. He was found guilty on 13 charges, including first degree vehicular homicide, fetacide by vehicle, and drunk driving.

Kristy's sister, Clarissa, says the verdict will allow her baby sister to finally rest in peace. She says, "I think that the Jury did an excellent job making a great choice, which nobody could have controlled but them. We didn't have a chance to thank them, but when they watch this tonight, I want them to know we thank you guys for telling the truth."

A truth that could land Gray in prison for the rest of his life, although Ruby Tullis doesn't necessarily want that. She says, "Mr. Gray, he's old. I don't want to see him incarcerated for a long time. We just know justice needed to be served and it has been." For now, Gray is to remain on house arrest, until his sentencing hearing.

The defense questioned results of blood alcohol tests that showed Gray was drunk when he hit Tullis' car.