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Health heroes honored

January 12, 2005

Albany-- If you get sick, you probably turn to a doctor a person you trust will do his or her best to help you. Some of those healers were honored for their service to south Georgians.

Fairly new to Southwest Georgia, new plants help Dr. Jacqueline Grant get comfortable in her new space. "Welcoming me to Southwest Georgia," says Grant. As the new District Health Director for the Southwest district, she has an unpredictable job.

"Everyday is different and that's what makes the job fun and exciting and challenging too," says Grant.

Although each day and challenge is different for Grant, she has what she calls a "pie in the sky" goal to make sure all South Georgians are healthy. "I would be extremely pleased if we could do a massive campaign to change health behaviors," says Grant.

For their life-saving work, Dr. Grant along with other doctors in the area are being honored as champions of good health. "What we wanted to do was let them know how important and how valuable they are to the work that we do in helping to save lives," says Co-Chair of the SW Georgia Rural Health Collaborative Darrell Sabbs.

"When people recognize what you do, it always stimulates you, motivates you, makes you want to do more," says Oncologist Dr. Phillip Roberts. Doing more has been Dr. Phillip Roberts' goal as an oncologist since 1962. He says the honor goes to everyone in the medical support system.

"Most doctors consider themselves to be servants and I think by themselves they wouldn't be able to provide much service," says Roberts. Day to day services that save lives but for many, the job goes beyond the office.

"I've always thought that since I became a doctor that I would somehow have a position that would combine medicine as well as community," says Grant. The community depends on these health heroes for their services but just for one night these heroes hold well deserved awards in their hands in the place of lives.

The honorees were chosen by the Southwest Georgia Rural Health Collaborative and the Southwest Georgia Cancer Coalition. Here's a list of the honorees:

Dr. Jacqueline Grant

Dr. Willie Adams

Dr. Eileen Kenny

Dr. Terry Craus

Dr. Charles Mendenhall

Dr. Scott Davidson

Dr. Phillip Roberts

Dr. Karen Glanz

Dr. Jose Tongol

Dr. Sandy Handwerk

Dr. Devell Young

Dr. Jim Hotz



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