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Thomas emergency planners want input

January 12, 2006

Thomasville -- Thomas County emergency managers want you to know how they work to protect you during disasters. EMA officials say they constantly revise their emergency response plan for the betterment of the community.

Thomas County Emergency Management Director Chris Jones wants to educate the public at a forum tonight.

"We can answer any questions they may have and to give them an idea of what we've done as far as planning," he said.

The meeting's in response to last year's busy hurricane season. "Our panel will be the individuals who have the lead role in each emergency support function."

That includes the sheriff's office, the Thomas County Health Department, and the Public Works Department. "We're bringing onto our staff a deputy EMA director who will be able to spend more time on emergency management."

And in times of emergency, making sure the plan's main objective is carried out. "Outlining the responsibilities of each area and who will be coordinating the effort.

Jones says he's confident in the plan because he saw it in action this past hurricane season. Tonight's forum will be held at 7:00 at the old Central Middle School auditorium.


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