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Democrats decry state insurance snags

January 11, 2006

Atlanta -- Democrats in the Georgia Senate want to prevent future missteps with the state insurance program.

Two bills will be introduced to create committees to oversee state employees' insurance coverage. A third bill will call for a study on state insurance plans nationwide.

The bills are in response to the United Healthcare plan which teachers say has been an insurance nightmare.

"My phones and e-mails have lit up because teachers and others, let's face it, stakeholders did not have adequate input into this plan," said Democrat District 8 Senator Tim Golden.

"The problems that people have with their health are not Republican or Democrat. They don't care what party you're in. If you have a health problem, it's going to affect you," said Albany Democrat Mike Meyer von Bremen.

The bills are sponsored by Senators Meyer von Bremen, Tim Golden of Valdosta, and Horacena Tate of Atlanta. They are endorsed by teachers' groups.


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