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Georgia's considered average when it comes to ER care

January 10, 2006

Albany- If you've got a medical emergency, you expect to get the best care possible.  Is that expecting too much?  A new emergency room report card shows Georgia hospitals have room for improvement.

The American College of Emergency Physicians gives emergency care nationwide an overall grade of C-minus. Georgia gets a C-plus. We ranked fourth nationally in Quality and Patient Safety, but the state earned a low grade for Access to Emergency Care.

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital has tried to solve that problem through Convenient Care Centers.

"That's exactly what the Convenient Care Centers are for to provide more access to more patients and particularly those with minor emergencies or non emergencies they can seek access at those convenient care centers so patients with true emergencies can go to the emergency center," said Todd Braswell R.N., Director, Phoebe E.R.

A shortage of emergency physicians and registered nurses also hurt Georgia's score. The state is encouraging students to pursue careers in medical fields.

Darton College recently expanded its nursing program and accepted an additional 100 students this month.



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