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Dems: Teacher raises overdue

January 10, 2006

Atlanta -- Republicans say it's just the beginning of big improvements in Georgia education. Democrats say it's about time.

GOP Senator Joseph Carter of Tifton says that while lawmakers can never give teachers enough of a pay raise, this is a pretty good start. "A solution to education is a good foundation to solving many of the problems we face in our state," he said.

Democrats say Governor Sonny Perdue's education commitment still doesn't address the United Healthcare Insurance fiasco. "I think the raise is very due," said Representative Bob Hanner from District 148. "It really is. We haven't been able to do anything. Any amount we can give to the teacher, they deserve it. The freeze in health insurance premiums, that's good, but that's not where the problem is. The problem is the health insurance coverage, and that's what I'm very concerned about."

Democrat Albany Rep. Winfred Dukes says pay raises are needed, but the bigger need is classes with fewer students in them. Funding for smaller classes has been postponed for three or four years. Whether it will come this year remains to be seen.


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