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County gets more HEAT cars

January 10, 2006

Dougherty County -- Dougherty County Police have their two new H.E.A.T. cars on the streets, already making lots of traffic stops. The officers say they believe their work will save lives.

Both DCP's new Highway Enforcement of Agressive Traffic patrol cars have been on the road since the start of the new year. A $130,000 grant by the Governor's Office of Highway Safety has put the two cars and officers on patrol on Dougherty County roads.

Sgt. J. C. Phillips said, "We needed a better way to cut back on some of the major crashes, with the high injury rates and fatality rates that we have had in past years."

The officers say there are too many drivers speeding on county roads like the Liberty Bypass and Sylvester Road, they will also be on the lookout for motorists not wearing seat belts, DUI, or aggressive drivers.

Officer Jeremiah Fenn said, "It's not just about writing tickets. It's about making the streets safer for the citizens here in Dougherty County."

Officer David Gilliam made 383 cases in his first weeks as a H.E.A.T. officer, and sees the need to battle aggressive driving. "You would be very surprised at how many people I see riding 45 to 60 miles an hour down the Liberty Expressway within two or three feet of the vehicle in front of them. That's going to be another thing that I target personally a lot, tailgating."

The Albany Police Department also has two H.E.A.T. cars, so now there will be four of the dark blue cars patrolling throughout Dougherty County, enforcing the driving laws, to keep people safe on the roads.


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