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Early morning raid nets drugs and cash

January 10, 2005

Lanier County - Investigators carefully combed through three homes on Patten Street in Lakeland, and two more out in the county, after getting complaints of illegal drug activity. "Neighbors telling on neighbors, people talking," said Sheriff Nick Norton.

It all started Monday night when investigators who were watching the homes noticed someone carrying in a suspicious backpack. When they left, investigators followed the vehicle and pulled over the driver for not using a blinker. Inside the car, they found a large amount of cash.  "A little over $180,000," said Norton.

That gave them the evidence they needed to get search warrants, and Tuesday morning they raided five homes. They seized thousands of dollars in cash, several firearms, and drugs. "From the truck behind me we seized a full kilo of cocaine and cash," said Norton.

Three people have been taken into custody, and Sheriff Norton says more arrests will likely follow. The names of the suspects haven't been released, because they haven't been charged yet, but we're told that one of the homes belongs to Larry Camon, who actually pastors a church behind his home. He has not been taken into custody. "Four of the five houses belong to the same family name and the other, I guess to a friend," said Norton.

Between all of the homes and the traffic stop, a little over 200,000 dollars in cash was found. Norton says it's the largest cash seizure ever made in the Alapaha Judicial Circuit. "I'm glad to get it off the street, my friends put me here to protect their family and friends," said Norton.

And he's keeping that promise by making sure drug dealers and users are prosecuted and kept behind bars.

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