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Frontier Days allows south Georgians a trip back in time

January 7, 2006

Albany- It's not everyday that you can spend a day living American history. This weekend you can do just that at The Parks at Chehaw. It's a trip back in time, when Blacksmith's would forge the items you might need.

"I'm what they call a practical blacksmith, everything I make is to be used whether it be on your house, cooking outside," said John Williams, Instant Human Forge.

A time when food was cooked over an open fire and necessity was the mother of invention.

"This is a dutch oven hook I came up with. My own design, the bell handle goes through and when you stir it won't spill for you it won't slide," said Williams.

A time when women dressed modestly, wearing several layers and a stay or corset.

"If you didn't wear one you were considered very loose, it would be like walking around downtown with nothing on top," said Veronica Wiese, Coalition of Historical Trekkers.

It's the time period between 1600 and 1840 and they call it Fronteer Days at the Parks at Chehaw. For children, it a chance to put down the computer controller and pick up their swords.

"I've been watching the tomahawks and watching the bow, and buying stuff," said Ethan May, Leesburg.

To see what life was like to hunt with a tomahawk or compete in competitions.

"It's pretty much like throwing a baseball, if anybody's ever thrown a baseball, just bring it over your head and the ax will do the rest," said Warren Baker, Leesburg.

They created their own light.

"The way a candle works, the science of it, the beeswax is actually what's burning and when it runs out of melted fuel it burns the wick down," said Wiese.

It's a chance to experience something that's been forgotten, the past and our anchestory.

"You find our ancestors knew a lot about how to stay warm, how to dress. You learn a lot about your own history, there are so many lessons here that can be learned looking into your past," said Wiese.

But for most, it's just a good time.

"A good time," said May.

Frontier Days continues through the weekend. Sunday you can travel back in time from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Admission is just a dollar for anyone under 18 and two dollars for everyone else.



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