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Vick Dismissed

January 6, 2006

Things haven't been going well for the Vick family recently.

First quarterback Michael Vick and the Falcons lose six of their last eight games, miss the playoffs, and extend the teams forty-year streak of never having back-to-back winning seasons.

That pales in comparison to the trouble of younger brother Marcus Vick.

After off-field problems kept him on the sidelines all of last year, Vick returned to lead Virginia Tech to the Gator Bowl this season.

But in Monday's game against Louisville, the QB purposely stomped on the back of a Cardinal players leg after being tackled.

Vick was not penalized during the game.

That action reportedly was leading to a suspension from the Hokies for an undetermined amount of time next year.

But today the University president says Vick has been permanently dismissed from the team due to numerous legal troubles and the nationally televised incident in the Gator Bowl.

The junior was also stopped for speeding and driving with a suspended license December seventeenth.