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Bust-in robbery terrorizes man

January 6, 2006

Thomasville -- Police are working to identify the three men responsible for the robbery. They don't have much to go on because the suspects were wearing masks.

At 7:00 this morning, the 54-year-old man who lives in an apartment at 828 Wright Street received the scare of his life. Three masked men pushed their way into his home with a gun.

The victim is so frightened, he doesn't want his name, or face, on television. "They busted in the house and said, 'All right, you know what time it is, give it up.'"

And then, before what was happening could sink in: "They said 'Put your hands up.' I put my hands up, scared to death."

There were two other victims in the house. A 62-year-old man who had come to take his best friend's ten-year-old son to school. "He didn't want my son to get shot, so he said, 'Go ahead, get it man.'"

"They took his wallet, his keys, his cell phone, my cell phone, then they run out the door."

Police found one of the masks somewhere in nearby bushes. Now, they're trying to find the man who wore it. He may be able to help lead them to the other suspects.

"Between the evidence collection and processing the interviews, we're hoping that we do get some leads on this," said Sgt. Rachelle Denmark of the Thomasville Police Department.

Back at his home on Wright Street, the victim couldn't agree more. He thinks the robbers know him somehow. "I'm scared they might come back."

They've already stolen more than $900. The victim is confident the robbery was planned. He says the money stolen came from a disability check his friend had just cashed.

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