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Frontier Festival lightly attended, so far

January 6, 2006

Albany- The 17th annual Frontier Festival got underway at the Parks at Chehaw, but very few school groups came to see the historic demonstrations.

Dozens of classes usually attend Frontier Festival, but this year cutbacks on field trips because of gasoline prices left the traders village almost empty.

Nearly a dozen historic demonstrators, like Veronica Wiese, went ahead spinning wool and cooking the way American's did in the 1700 and 1800's.

"What we do is we set up what was called a Sabbath day camp. It was illegal in many of the colonies in the 1750's to travel on Sunday. So we set up what you would see if we stopped on Friday and were awaiting through the weekend."

The Frontier Festival will continue all weekend at the Parks at Chehaw, and the demonstrators expect bigger crowds.

They will demonstrate black powder rifles, bow and arrows, and tomahawks, and other aspects of life experienced by our forefathers on the frontier.


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