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Georgia Fried!!

January 6, 2005

Albany- As the first week of the new year comes to a close, some people across South Georgia are finding ways to enjoy life and still keep their resolutions. One local business owner is taking fried foods to another level, offering fresh vegetables and fruits that are good to taste, in an unusual way.

   Fried strawberries covered in chocolate, fried cherries and more. All are cooked in an oil that owner Peter Studl says is healthy.  According to Studl, "You can eat good and healthy because we use an oil that doesn't have transfat and doesn't increase your cholesterol like normal cooking oils."

 As if that isn't enough, Studl takes a unique approach to cooking French fries, "We use a four to six hour method with the fries. So they are first cooked soft, then cooked again after they cool down to a crisp tasty golden French fry."

The new business opened in Downtown Albany on January 5th and is situated in a preserved older building.  It is one of many businesses moving into Downtown Albany, and is a part of a bigger picture says Studl, "We are planning to open other shops and restaurants in the same area as a bigger theme."

With this restaurant, Georgia Fries is offering Albany an experience that resembles that of the bigger city.


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