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Fireworks cause flea market fire

January 5, 2006

Albany -- Investigators say fireworks likely caused a fire that destroyed a booth at Kitty's Flea Market last month. Now they want to know where the fireworks came from.

 Jim Andrews booth at the Flea Market on Sylvester Road went up in flames about 6:30 December 28th. All his merchandise was destroyed.

Fire investigators believe these bottle rockets sparked that fire. Witnesses say three teenage boys were shooting off the fireworks and now Investigators want to know where they got them.

Albany Fire Chief James Carswell said "They were using the typical bottle rocket, that is not legal in Georgia. And so we will be looking at where they may have purchased those bottle rockets at."

Firefighters estimate the damage caused by the fire at about $500 dollars, but the booth owner says it was much higher.


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