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Phoebe defends their health care rates

January 4, 2006

Albany -- Phoebe Putney Hospital has a net worth of 190 million dollars, and Wednesday hospital board members defended their health care rates.

A recent study by Albany industries found this area has some of the highest health care costs in the nation. Phoebe board members say an annual budget audit shows the hospital has not had a price increase in 30 months.

Phoebe claims most Georgia non-profit hospitals raised their rates from seven to 16 percent over that same period. C-E-O Joel Wernick says Phoebe's patient volume keeps costs down. "If we have a thousand patients, or have 700 patients, it's going to cost us the same amount of money. So our goal of having high volume spreads that cost among more people."

Wernick says Phoebe is working with the South Georgia industries on their health care costs.


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