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Near miss prompts woman to stress hunter safety

January 4, 2006

Whigham --  Wendy Mobley says she was terrified last week when a bullet came through her kitchen window.

"I was watching TV and a gunshot came through the window. It came through this window pane. We've got it fixed now thank God. But it hit above that window, richocheted, then hit the ceiling."

Intense seconds at Wendy Mobley's Whigham home last Tuesday that scared her into speaking out about safe shooting habits. "It was probably the most fear I've ever experienced."

Mobley thought the shot came from the road. But Grady County Sheriff Harry Young believes otherwise, because the bullet ricocheted, entering sideways. "I think it's someone out in the woods shooting, because those bullets can travel two or three miles."

Investigators say the rifle bullet most likely came from the vicinity of an access trail. Mobley thinks it was a hunter, she has no idea who. "I would love to know who did it just to say, 'listen, you need to smarten up, you need to smarten up. If you want to hunt, you want to shoot, go in a controlled environment that it's intended.'"

"If I'd been doing laundry at the time I was supposed to be, intstead of watching TV, I'd have either been hit, or glass would have flown all over me."

Fortunately, Mobley wasn't hurt at all. Investigators are trying to figure out exactly what caliber the bullet was. They say whoever is responsible could face charges, including negligence.


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