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New show draws ire before it airs

January 4, 2006

Albany-- The show is called The Book of Daniel, and it debuts Friday night on NBC. In it, a drug addicted priest deals with his children, one - a homosexual, the other - a teen aged pot smoker.

He seeks advice from a Christ-like figure that only he can see. Even though it hasn't aired yet, the show is already sparking controversy with some of our viewers.

An Episcopalian priest and his family gather around the dinner table. Siblings bicker about drugs and homosexuality, and mom opts out for a martini. It's a quick glimpse of NBC's new show, The Book of Daniel which airs Friday night.

And, the fictional drama is already drawing attention and criticism from religious groups and many of our viewers.

Catherine Orr wrote in this e-mail to us: "I have seen previews and read reviews and find it to be anti-family and very immoral."

Janie and Gene Edwards wrote: "This program in no way depicts the true Christian life and should not be aired proclaiming to be such."

To see what more people though about The Book of Daniel , we went to a busy parking lot and asked people to watch a few clips of the show.

Maurice King said, "You might find it controversial. But it seems to me the subject matter they were talking about was subject matter that happens every day, but we just don't want to talk about it."

Lindsay Baranski said, "I think it's nice that it shows that a religious family can be like a normal, every day family that has problems just like everybody else." Both of these viewers said they wanted to see more and would tune in Friday.

But not Ellen Dixon. "I don't think I want that in my home. I don't know where else it goes, but it bothers and disturbs me where it is going. Sitting around a dinner table and the thing that they talk about, I don't like that at all."

Dixon says she'll encourage her friends and family not to watch and encourage our station to take it off the air. "I think that show is going to come across to people as a spiritual show, and it is indeed not that."

NBC released this statement about The Book of Daniel: "We're confident that once audiences view this quality drama themselves, they'll appreciate this thought provoking examination of one American family."

WALB-TV's General Manager Jim Wilcox said today: "At WALB, we do not regularly censor NBC programming. We feel that our viewers can make responsible viewing decisions that are right for their families."


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