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Moody troops deploy to Iraq

January 4, 2005

Lowndes County - Their bags are packed, they've said their good byes, now they're ready to head across the globe and help fight the War On Terror. "I'm really proud, I believe in what we're doing," said Ssgt. Beau Mader.

One hundred and seventy members of Moody's 822nd Security Forces Squadron are on their way to Iraq to provide security at Kirkuk Air Base. "That's basically the perimeter defense, the entry control points, trying to keep vehicle borne suicide bombers out and basically keeping the area safe," said Maj. Don Robertson.

They'll be gone for about four months, missing first steps, birthdays, and holidays. But even though being away from their loved ones will be hard, these men and women are more than willing to go.  "We go over there and do what we need to do so other people can enjoy their lives here," said Jones.

They're anxious to be overseas during such a critical time for the Iraqis. "With the elections just being over and everybody trying to settle in and starting to form their own democracies, it should be interesting to watch everything transpire while we're over there," said Robertson.

Their work in Iraq is critical, and they see the results every day they spend there. "I've seen it on the faces of the people, being able to interact with kids and their parents, being able to see the folks after their voted, it really makes me happy," said Mader.

And that feeling makes the hard work and time away from their families worth every minute.



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