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Beach Blanket Joe Pa

January 2, 2006

Miami - Florida State and Penn State have Wednesday all to themselves, as the 22nd-ranked Seminoles take on the #3 Nittany Lions in the Orange Bowl.

After finishing the regular season with three straight losses, FSU coach Bobby Bowden is looking for a win against a top team to put his squad back among the nation's elite.

Penn State won the Big Ten for the first time in eleven years, and are playing in a BCS bowl for the first time ever.

Nittany Lions head coach Joe Paterno says his players are enjoying themselves, but they'll be ready.

"They had a little fun on the beach, and whatever else. I forget what it's like to be 19 and 20. It's been such a long time. But I'm sure I looked around at some of those bikini's when I was that age. They had a little fun, and now we just have to zero in on the football game, and I think we're going to be ready to play."

Bowden says, "If we were to beat #3 Penn State, I'd say we might be back. We might be back in the hunt. I ain't predicting that, though. Don't put that down as a prediction."

Florida State and Penn State play Thursday night at 8pm.


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