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New Year's baby turns 100

December 30, 2005

Adel - Ms. Pearlie Williams is one of the healthiest, most outgoing 99-year-old's you'll ever meet.

"I didn't think I'd ever reach it, I didn't think I'd ever see 100," said Williams.

But on Sunday, she will reach that milestone, and celebrate her 100th birthday! "We just think its remarkable at 100 years old that she can do what she does," said John Williams.

She gets around with help from a walker, but she can still work miracles in the kitchen.  "I made cakes and pies for Christmas," said Williams. 

And even with two children, seven grandchildren, 17 great grand kids and 12 great, great grand kids, she still remembers everyone's name and birthday! "Her mind is better than mine today and probably her vital signs are as good or better than most people's," said John.

She's the matriarch of the Williams family, the glue that keeps everyone together. "She's helped raise all of us, we've all lived with her at one time or another in our lives," said Dianne Stith, Granddaughter.

"She keeps us all straight, all programmed and makes sure we eat too much and stay out of the cold weather, just does the same thing any grandmother and mother does," said John.

So what's the secret behind her long and healthy life? She says its good genetics, but her family gives someone else the credit. "She's never really taken care of herself, she's always taken care of everybody else and I think God's just blessed her," said Stith.

And hopefully those blessings will keep pouring in for many more birthdays.



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