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Weather alert radios were a hot Christmas present

December 29, 2005

By: Robbyn DeSpain

Lee County- Even though it's not peak season for severe weather, it's a good idea to protect your family with a weather alert radio. Radio Shack on Ledo Road sells three models but only had one version in stock Thursday.

Two of the models can alert you when a storm enters your county. The other one will alert you when a storm is within 50 miles of your home.

Supplies are currently low because many people chose to give the gift of safety this holiday season.

"We sell most of them June through September and October because of hurricane season, but usually it's not that big right this minute, like after Christmas, but we still haven't been replenished," says Store Manager Steven Taft.

The three models that Radio Shack offers range in price from 30 to 70-dollars.



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