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Clean up begins after tornadoes rip through area

December 29, 2005

Ben Hill County- Clean up is well under way along Honey Suckle Lane, a street where nearly every home suffered some type of damage.

"We lost three mobile homes completely. You can see in the background that this one is scattered all over the woods, and it was across the street in front of us," says Sheriff Bobby McLemore.

McLemore says two of his deputies were in their patrol vehicles when the tornadoes ripped through the county leaving snapped trees, downed lines, and scattered debris in their paths.

"Fortunately we suffered very minimal damage to have four tornadoes touch down," McLemore says.

Kathleen Doberson and her husband rode out the storms inside their mobile home. "We heard a roar like a train. Then I was telling my husband to come on and we ran and jumped in the closet and it was over with just like that. I could hear the glass shattering," Doberson says.

The Dobersons say it's a blessing their mobile home is still standing. The one across the street was torn from its foundation.

"After I came outside and looked across the street, I said we were blessed that it didn't hit us the way it did the other trailer," says Doberson.

"God was looking out for me there," says Theo Bishop.

Just a few miles away volunteers work to patch a hole where a tree crashed into Theo Bishop's roof.

"It moved it about six feet from there over that way. Part of the tree went through the roof there, but everything in the house is pretty much still sitting in the same place. Not as much damage as it could have been," he says.

Though his house will need some major repairs, Bishop says he'll rebuild. "It's where I started. I can start back over."

Sheriff Bobby McLemore says their have been no tornado-related injuries reported.


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