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Storm drops concrete and a beam through an Irwin County home

December 28, 2005

Irwin County- Severe weather blew across south Georgia Wednesday evening. An Irwin County woman says a storm in her neighborhood sounded like a low flying jet roaring through her backyard. Emergency workers are trying to determine just how many tornadoes touched down in Irwin County.

Late Wednesday afternoon a strange rumble pulled Rosemary Thompson to her backdoor.

"I heard the worst noise, I ever heard in my life and it was just still and it just sounded like a plane to me," said RoseMary Thompson, Homeowner.

She called her husband at Delphi who was delayed by weather.

"It was hailing at the plant at Delphi and I told her I would be home in a few minutes, I was just going to let it slack up a little bit," said Jimmy Thompson, Homeowner.

Seconds later, the real danger appeared.

"When the tree limbs started just swaying, I ran into the house and when I got to my hallway this metal came through the ceiling," said Rosemary.

An awning in the Thompson's backyard, 50 yards from the house gave way, hurling concrete and beams through the roof of their home, just as Rosemary ran for safety nearby.

"Well all I heard was the noise, and when i looked I was right in this area and when I turned around all that was on the floor," said Rosemary.

More damage in the backyard shows the storms power.

"It's torn up most of our Christmas decorations. We have a regular light show for Christmas and its just about destroyed most of it," said Jimmy.

It was just last year that the family replaced the roof, damaged in a hurricane, but Wednesday night, the real miracle is that no one was hurt.

"I did a lot of praying when I shut that kitchen doors and he answered my prayers. We got a big mess here but I'm thankful we're all okay," said Rosemary.

The Irwin County Fire Department is investigating reports of at least five tornadoes throughout the County. More crews will be out at daylight to survey the damage.

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