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What's a Ute?

December 28, 2005

Atlanta - The Yellow Jacket football team is done preparing, as they get ready to take on Utah tomorrow afternoon.

24th ranked Georgia Tech faces the Utes in the Emerald Bowl in San Francisco.

Heisman trophy-finalist Alex Smith led Utah to an undefeated season and a win in the Fiesta Bowl last year.

Big change this season, as the team goes into tomorrow's game with just 6-5 record.

Georgia Tech and Utah have never played, and with the distance between the two schools, quarterback Reggie Ball says they didn't pay a lot of attention to the Utes until the match-up was announced.

"I got a football season myself, so I don't really concentrate on one team. But I do remember when I was young, the big running back that came out of there. Number 6. I forget his name, it was hard to pronounce. But they have a pretty good running back this year too."

Head coach Chan Gailey says, "They've got a lot of good football players, but people in this part of the country don't hear about those good football players nearly as much. They've got some very good skill people. They have some excellent defensive lineman."

Kick-off between Utah and Georgia Tech is tomorrow at 4:30 from San Francisco.

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