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Battling holiday weight gain

December 27, 2005

Albany--Often, it's an unwanted and unhealthy by product of the holidays, weight gain. You might not think a couple of pounds from all that turkey and dressing and sweets is any big deal. But that extra weight can add up and lead to serious health problems.

if you're like most people, you've probably gained about three or five pounds from pigging out at family dinners around this time of year.

While that weight gain is typical for most people, we found a lot of people already hitting the gym in an effort to battle the bulge.

It's boot camp at Tony's Gym and many south Georgians are more than anxious to drop the leftover holiday flab.

"It comes on fast and it comes off slow, so you got to really work hard," says Kim Ward.

From jumping rope to jumping jacks, Ward works hard to get back into shape.

"I've put on five, and I already had five I wanted to take off, so that's ten," says Ward. Kim is determined to work on those annoying trouble spots. "Mostly the stomach area, thigh, back end always," says Ward.

"You didn't get it over night. It's not going to go away over night," says Brandy Humphreys. Humphreys is a fitness trainer for Tony's and says people should think very carefully before they eat themselves crazy during the holidays.

"To burn off a piece of pecan pie, I think it was like ten miles you'd have to run, that' crazy!" says Humphreys.

And it takes much more energy to burn those excess calories than it does to consume them.

"It takes 3,500 calories you have to burn to lose one pound," says Humphreys. Brandy says staying focused is the key to dropping the weight gained from the holidays.

"You've got to change your eating, you've got to exercise, so people can enjoy the holidays," she says.

"I weigh myself everyday," say Gopa Venugopalan. Men like Venugopalan are also trying to get back into shape after the holidays.

"I'm trying to get a washboard ab as they call it, and probably a more well defined upper chest," he says.

And has no doubt he'll reach his goal. "You've got to be self regulated, you've got to want to do it," he says.

Trainer Brandy Humphreys agrees that's the only way to conquer the battle against the excess bulge.

"You just really got to motivate yourself, and just tell yourself, it's something that's good for you," she says.

While we're all eager to drop the weight as fast as possible, not dropping it can, of course, cost you in the long run and take a toll on your health.

Excess weight can lead to high cholesterol and blood pressure as well as diabetes and heart problems.


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