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Injuries increase during holidays

December 27, 2005

Albany-- The holidays not only bring us gifts and good food. They may land you in the emergency room.

People are prone to more accidents during the holidays. Over the holiday weekend, the emergency room at Palmyra Medical Centers was full of people. They were so busy that patients were backed up which caused longer wait times.

Nurses in the ER say between cooking, overeating, and trying out new gifts, many people find themselves heading to the emergency room for unexpected treatments.

"We saw some cuts and abrasions. People eat and then they want to go out and play tackle football with each other so we get some strains and sprains and people cut themselves with a knife while cutting the turkeys so we get all kinds of that kind of stuff," says Palmyra Family Nurse Practitioner Amie Lockhart.

Lockhart says many even visited the emergency room over the weekend for depression and anxiety because of the holidays.



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