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Buzzed driving is drunk driving

December 27, 2005

Albany -  Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving. That's a new ad campaign designed to make you aware that even one drink can alter your ability to safely operate a vehicle.

"It becomes dangerous anytime you have anything to drink at all, depending on what it is you're drinking, you don't know how it's going to react to your body and just because you might not be legally under the influence of alcohol, you're still impaired and that does have a bearing on your reflexes and everything else, says Dougherty County Police Sergeant J. C. Phillips.

Sgt. Phillips says even if you're not legally DUI with .08 percent blood alcohol level, you're still "driving under the influence" and are less safe behind the wheel.

The Ad Council says the new TV spots will show it's not just the "falling-down-drunk" who are a danger on the roads.

The ads target men ages 21 to 34, who are said to be most likely to drink and drive and think they can drive while "buzzed."

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