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Holiday trash piles up around Albany

December 27, 2005

Albany - The days after Christmas are some of the busiest of the year for sanitation workers. Trash is overflowing from garbage cans as folks try to throw away all those empty boxes, wrapping paper, and leftover food. Sanitation workers say Christmas time is certainly no relaxing holiday for them.

From under the Christmas tree, to the curb.

"The most trash we have all year," said one Doublegate homeowner. Empty boxes and wrapping paper discarded after a gluttony of holiday giving overflowed garbage cans around town.

It's the job of city sanitation workers to load up and lug off your holiday left-overs.

"Holidays, it's real heavy," said Michael Williams.

Albany Sanitation workers, like Michael Williams, say when you're relaxing during the holidays, they'll working their hardest.

"We work just like the postman, 24-7, rain, sleet and snow," said Williams.

The trash gives Williams a look into who's been naughty or nice.

"It looks like they all have a good Christmas every year," said Williams. "A lot of kids get playstation games or x-boxes, then there's bicycles and stuff like that."

The city collects 25% more trash during December, with the average family throwing away 30 more pounds of garbage than any other month. The meals that made your mouth water or the presents you gawked over two days ago are now not so glamorous.

"Most of them say 'I wouldn't do what you are doing,' but you've got to see what I have to pay. I've got to live." Like the rest of us, Williams has Christmas bills to pay. He's happy to pick up what you throw away because he knows without his hard work, your Christmas would be a real mess.

Starting next week, Albany solid waste will also start collecting Christmas trees. Just put them near the curb by your household trash.