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Don't roll out the welcome mat for burglars

December 27, 2005

 Albany - Love those big ticket items you got for Christmas? You might not have them for long if you're not careful.

Empty boxes along your curb are an invitation to thieves. Some streets in Northwest Albany are lined with all kinds of boxes. They once contained everything from computers to karaoke machines.

Police say dumping them outside your house is like rolling out a welcome mat to burglars.

"Just don't advertise, be aware that there are people that will ride around looking for things like that and they'll find a target of opportunity," says Dougherty County Chief of Police Don Cheek.

Police say if you have boxes that expensive items came in, break them down and put them in garbage bins, or, better yet, recycle.  Another tip, be careful what goes out in the trash. If thieves find receipts, they can steal your identity.

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