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Designated driving in December

December 23, 2005

Albany -  The Christmas travel period began at 6PM Friday. 14 traffic deaths are predicted in 1701 crashes, also causing 743 injuries during the Christmas holiday period.  Each one of those crashes, injuries and certainly deaths is one too many. 

Any day of the year, anytime of the day, the roads can be dangerous, but they are especially busy today, and Georgia state patrol troopers are out in full force looking for dangerous drivers.

Sgt. Jamie Sullivan says, "The holiday season is upon us, and we're doing zero tolerance." Zero tolerance for drunk and impaired drivers.  Sullivan says, "Don't go to a party and say I'll only have two drinks then I'll be able to drive home."

Instead, choose a designated driver, or choose to be one. "You have some friend that's going to be a party animal," says Sgt. Sullivan, "you do the driving for them." Because if they drive, the consequences could be deadly.  Sullivan says, "Here at Christmas, they are predicting 14 fatalities on our highways in Georgia. About 50% of those will be involving an impaired driver.  A lot of these people will be on their way to see family and not make it there, could you imagine that? " 

If you chose to drive drunk, for your first offense, you could face up to a year in jail, a fine up to $1,000, license suspension up to a yar, 40 hours of community service and you will have to take an alcohol risk reduction program, so it really is better for everyone just not to drink and drive. 

The Christmas travel period ends Monday at midnight.

Want to give the gift of being a designated driver?  Click here.



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