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Last minute shoppers, they're mostly men

December 23, 2005

Albany- On any normal shopping day the girl to guy ratio is 10 to one, but in the days leading up to Christmas the tides have turned. In the last two shopping days before Christmas, procrastinating men are packing into stores.

With the holiday shopping days numbered it's mostly men still checking items off their list.

"More men, more gifts, more gift baskets," said Tonya Guest, a Belk Clerk.

"I try to make a list up ahead of time, but by the time Christmas gets here, that list is always different and that's what throws me behind," said Lester Moore Jr. a last minute shopper.

Some wandered aimlessly in search of the perfect gift, others solicited help from their sister, because sometimes a little help is necessary when it comes to buying for the girlfriend.

"Men simply, don't know nothing when it comes to shopping," said Margrett Turnney, a sister helping her brother Daniel.

"No, I got it all under cover," said Daniel Johnson, a last minute shopper.

Some ask clerks, who steer them in the right direction.

"Men are the worst, but they're the best customers to have this time of the year because they're looking for that last minute gift and they'll pretty much buy whatever you try to sell them," said Guest.

For many, waiting adds to the thrill of the hunt. "I don't know I just like the last minute rush," said Anthony Wright of Albany.

A Holiday Consumers Intentions and Actions survey shows, as of last weekend 18 percent of men still hadn't started their holiday shopping, although there's always the exception.

"I don't like holiday rushes and crowds so I finished months ago," said David VanMeter of Leesburg. As it often is with the last minute rush, men will pay any price to get that gift that's she wants.

"I just ask her what she would like and she tells me and I'll try to go out and find it," said Mike Blanford, of Leesburg.

Those waiting until the very last minute only have until six o'clock Saturday, that's when most store will close their doors for Christmas.

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