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Group provides for widows and orphans

December 22, 2005

Albany - At Christmastime, we tend to focus on children more than any other group. It is children who Santa Claus delivers gifts to, and who most organizations contribute. For 55 years, the Albany Prince Hall Masons have been taking care of widows.

Wildmon Bryant says, "We decided to do something for our Masonic widows. Upon the death of a brother, we are obligated to look out for the widows."

When the program started there were only about 10 widows, and the brothers knew they could help even more people.  Bryant says, "We need to do more, and the more means more people, other than widows."

Today, the Masons filled 95 boxes with food and took them directly to widows, orphans and other people in need.  He says, "There are some people in need of food and we realize that the food bank and other agencies can't do it all. Churches can't do it all. Every little bit counts and we decided to come together."

And by coming together, and giving of themselves, they learned, they would gain far more in return. "There's pleasure in doing it," says Bryant, "No question about it. It's also rewarding."

A reward born of responsibility. The 95 boxes were distributed in Albany and surrounding counties. Next year, the Prince Hall Masons hope to deliver at least 115 boxes.



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