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Citizens want Christmas put back into the city

December 20, 2005

Albany-- Some Albany church leaders are outraged because of what they say is a lack of "Christmas" spirit in the city. Tuesday night, they took their concerns to city leaders. They hope to have that spirit in the city as soon as possible.

Decorations light much of Downtown Albany. You can find reds, blues, yellows, reindeer and a big display of Happy Holidays at Water, Gas and Light but some people say it's not enough. "I was talking about it, complaining about it and I said why don't somebody do something about it," says Dr. Jim Naylor.

Minister Dr. Jim Naylor says something or someone is missing from the displays. "Well Christ, C-H-R-I-S-T, the son of God," says Naylor. Naylor and his supporters filled the City Commission meeting seats to ask the city to put Christmas back in their decorations.

"No place in our city do we show Merry Christmas or Christ's name mentioned on his birthday in our city," says Naylor.

"I think that's what it's all about, putting Christ back into Christmas," says Velma Littleton. They says it's not too late for the displays to be changed. "All they have to do is say yes, and tomorrow put them up. That's all it would take. That's really all it would take," says Naylor.

But the city commission says it's not that easy. They aren't in charge of the lights.  

 "My fellow commissioners taxed me with the duty of trying to find out who gave who the choice of putting what, when and why," says Mayor Willie Adams. City leaders say they understand the concerns and will come together to find a resolution. "I assure you that we will look into this and we certainly try to correct whatever wrong that has been done," says Mayor Adams.

Dr. Naylor says the focus on "happy holidays" is political correctness gone too far. "Christians are hurt  because they're taking Christ out of Christmas," says Naylor. He feels the true meaning can be found.

"Years ago it was here on our streets. Matter of fact I'm sure they have Merry Christmas lights in the barn right now that they took down," says Naylor.

He petitions and prays that what has been a bright reminder of the holidays here in Albany will be changed to reflect Christmas this season and seasons to come.

City commissioners say they'll look into Naylor's claim that the city has Merry Christmas lights that they choose not to display.



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