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Pub Owner says NO to underage drinkers

December 20, 2005

Albany - Sam Shugart owns Breaktime Pub and Billiards on Palmyra Road. He says all his employees undergo training before they serve alcohol to anyone.

He also has several signs posted outside his building to keep people from hanging around in his parking lot and causing trouble. If they do loiter, they won't be allowed back. Shugart says, "We have one rule and that's zero tolerance. If someone doesn't act correctly, if they start an argument, if they are drinking underage, if they try to buy cigarettes underage, they are barred for life, and that's our rule and that keeps most of the kids straight."

In a recent crackdown on under aged drinking, three people were charged with under aged drinking and two were charged with marijuana possession. Breaktime isn't responsible if people under age 21 come on the property after drinking elsewhere.

Shugart says none of his employees have ever been cited for serving alcohol to underage customers. He says if they are, his zero tolerance policy will apply to them as well.


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