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Fisher has violent history

December 20, 2005

Albany-- Prosecutors say a man accused of killing his mother, had committed other serious crimes before.

Tuesday, 23-year-old Dexter Fisher, who is accused of shooting his mother, Emma Fisher in the back of the head last November, was back in court.

Prosecutors say Fisher has a history of crimes involving the same handgun used to kill his mother. They say that in 1996, he was convicted of bringing that gun to school, and in 1998, he was convicted of false report of a crime for shooting himself with the same gun and saying someone else did it.

Fisher was also dishonorably discharged from the Army after being convicted of shooting himself in the leg while serving in Iraq, and blaming it on enemy fire.

Prosecutors say forensic evidence proves Fisher was lying about those cases and that it will show his mother was murdered and did not commit suicide.

Dexter Fisher will be tried during the January court term.


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