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What Brown does for Santa

December 20, 2005

Albany -- You see the brown trucks and uniforms all over town, and maybe even a few more today for Brown Tuesday, the busiest day of the year for UPS. Today, they will deliver 6 million more packages than the average day, in hopes of delivering smiles on Christmas day.

He doesn't need reindeer. Instead, Matt Keller has horses to pull his sleigh. "We're Santa in a brown suit," Keller said.

Delivering package after package all over the city of Albany. "I average about 210 stops a day, business and residence." For 18 years, Matt has been one of Santa's special helpers. "People are always very happy to see us during Christmas, bringing all the Christmas gifts," he says.

But he can't do it alone. There is a fleet of brown sleighs that leave the UPS distribution center every morning, working to get packages out on time. "Christmas is very busy. We see a huge increase every year. To me this has been our busiest Christmas ever."

And today is the busiest day of the year for UPS. Keith Wright says, "We normally deliver about 14.1 million packages, but today we'll deliver about 20 Million worldwide."

And will continue all the way up to the midnight hour, just like the real Santa.

 "We will actually be delivering Christmas Eve," says Wright. In hopes that the recipients will all have "Merry Christmas."  

Company wide, UPS hired an additional 60,000 employees to help with the Christmas rush.

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